Go2Grow Mentorship Program

Our one-on-one mentorship program matches students and young adults with age-appropriate mentors who can guide them in preparing for life outside of school, both educationally and professionally. 

Specifically, we focus on helping them to discover their passions, learn how it relates to today's job opportunities, and build paths to their goals and succeed in all aspects of life.

We work closely with local businesses and professionals to develop high-quality mentors, relevant curriculum, and engaging workshops for today's youth. This included screening, training, and background checking each mentor before matching them with our students.  

AGES: 12-25 years old

COST: $50 / per student / per month

(scholarship opportunities available)

COMMITMENT: One 1-hour meeting (call, video chat, or in-person) per week


Students learn to develop strength in their own identity by uncovering their skills, values, and personal passion.

Career Discovery

Teens discover the many career options available to them and begin building paths to reach them and their goals.

Life Skills

Students are taught valuable life skills, enabling them to be responsible adults and productive members of society.