A Message From Our Founder


I truly believe today's students need more than just a textbook education to become independent and successful in the real world. After graduating college, I spent 12 months working/volunteering with AmeriCorps, teaching disadvantaged middle school students to discover their passions and build lifelong goals they truly wanted to achieve.


I quickly realized it wasn't just this community of students who lacked additional mentorship - it was most students! They needed help beyond the basic school subjects to learn more about themselves, explore the opportunities available to them, and be inspired to pursue their dreams. 


With that as my foundation, the Go2Grow Mentorship Program and non-profit organization was born!

Elana Rheinhart, CEO & Founder

About Go2Grow

Go2Grow is a non-profit organization and mentorship program helping San Diego County youth, ages 12-25 years old, succeed beyond the classroom. Specifically, we focus on preparing students and young adults for life outside of school, both educationally and professionally.

We work closely with local businesses and professionals to develop high-quality mentors, relevant curriculum, and engaging workshops for today's youth. This included screening, training, and background checking each mentor before matching them with our students.  

Program Features

Our one-on-one youth mentorship program pairs students and young adults with age-appropriate mentors who can help them discover their passions, learn how it relates to today's job opportunities, and build paths to succeed in all aspects of life.
(Enrollment and monthly fee applies)

Our developmental workshops allow youth to attend specific, interactive classes taught by local experts. They'll gain valuable life skills and confidence as they connect with professionals and socialize with other San Diegans their age.